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Gold Star Father, Honoring a Hero, Remembering a Son by Scott N. Warner

I had the opportunity to perform with Scott N. Warner at the Players Guild Theatre in the production of A Few Good Men a while back.  During the production I was asked by Scott if I could photograph him holding his son’s flag in front of the Marine Corp background on stage.  I knew the meaning and how much it meant to him so I did my best to capture the request.  The photograph ended up being used for the cover of the book he wrote about his son, his son’s death in Iraq, and the struggles they faced there after.

The shot was taken using a single light from left frame.  The camera was set on a tripod with a timer while I held the flash on a monopod above the scene.  With this heart breaking situation the lighting needed to be dramatic and I sure was pleased with the outcome.

Be sure to check out Scott’s website at www.goldstarfather.com.  The book is now available.  Below is the photographed.


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  1. This is absolutely amazing. The photo is fantastic and full of emotion. I am very proud to call you a friend.

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